Judd Rice Laboratory
    at the USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Useful Links


Chromatin Structure and Function Page

A frequently updated collection of links to chromatin researchers, conferences, journals and various other chromatin-related topics, maintained by researcher James R. Bone.

The Epigenome Network of Excellence

A site run by a European association of collaborating epigenetics research groups, featuring many annotated protocols and research tools.


The site of researcher Paul Knoepfler, with chromatin-related movies and images, as well as links to hot papers in the field.


Protocols Online

An exhaustive collection of linked molecular and cellular protocols, well-indexed and searchable.

Current Protocols in Molecular Biology

"The red book." It sees a lot of use in our lab.

Reagent Suppliers

Lake Placid Biologicals

Suppliers of ChIP reagents, including anti-methylated-H4K20 antibodies developed by the Rice Lab.